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Items marked "Oversized Ships via Truck" DO NOT SHIP FREE & we will contact you with shipping rate.
Items marked "Oversized Ships via Truck" DO NOT SHIP FREE & we will contact you with shipping rate.

Theatrical Screens - 55 Inches Wide. Price is Per Linear Yard

Item #: 82002
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Theatrical Screens - 55 Inches Wide. Price is Per Linear Yard
55" Seamless Screen 55" (139.7 cm) wide. Minimum order is one linear yard.

Available in 5 colors, these projection screens offer solutions for front or rear projection, digital or analog imaging, close up or long throw installations. Available in rolls 55"W or 86"W (see model #82003). Custom finished sizes are also available (see model #82004).

Front White projection screen is a highly reflective, opaque material. Front White is best for those situations requiring the brightest images combined with the widest viewing angles. Because the reflectiveness (gain) is so high, this screen will pick up any ambient light. Therefore, care must be exercised in the lighting design to minimize bounce light.

Black projection screens are best used in situations with high quantities of ambient light. The dark grey color comes magically to life with fine detail resolution when back lit with a STRONG (bright) image. The color makes the screen inconspicuous within the framework of a set, but its viewing cone is limited to 60 degrees. The direct light transmission is only about 6%, but the excellent contrast between light and dark make for an image which appears substantially brighter. Black is particularly suited for ballet and opera where the dark surface absorbs the reflections of follow-spots from the floor.
Grey projection screens have many of the advantages of black screen while opening up the viewing angles to accommodate a wider audience. The medium grey color still helps blend the screen into the scenery, and provides true-to-life image color and clarity. The viewing cone opens up to 120 degrees, and the lighter color means higher light transmission, and therefore, a brighter image.
Light Translucent projection screen is a slightly opaque, very light grey screen with a variety of uses. For projection, it is best used in high ambient light situations, particularly in outdoor installations (see care and maintenance instructions), because the extremely high light transmission of the screen allows the image to compete with the bright ambient light. Care should be exercised in avoiding the line of sight a between the viewer and the projector, however, due to the hot spot that would be seen because the screen is so translucent. Other uses for the light translucent screen are bounce drops and diffusion materials.

Twin White screen is Rosco's most versatile screen. Its milky white color makes for equally bright images whether front or rear projected. This means that a designer can cross fade between front and rear projection unnoticed. The viewing cone on this screen is almost 180 degrees, meaning that nearly everyone in the audience will be able to see an undistorted image. Because the screen is light colored for front projection reflectance, ambient light will affect the image quality, so care should be exercised in lighting around the screen.

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