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Please reference the Accessories tab on product page to help find the correct base and upright pair.


There are 2 types of bases :


The upright slips over the pin on the base. Unlike cheaper alternatives that use hollow pins, all of our slip fit bases feature a machined solid steel pin for greater stability. Each pin edge is chamfered to make it easier to guide the upright over the pin. All of our 18" and 24" slip fit bases come with corner holes and each features a carrying handle.

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The advantage to the Slip-Fit system is quick set up and break down


The upright screws into a threaded hole in the base. Our Screw-In bases are made with 4 dimples at each corner for easy stacking and storage. Sizes include 11", 15" 18" and 24". Screw-in Bases are used with Screw-In uprights only.

The advantage to the Screw-In system is the bases easily stack creating a small footprint when stored.