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Projection Distance up to 30 feet

PAR56 Presentation Package with 8 Lights - 2400 total wattage

The PAR56 Presentation Package is designed for small venues requiring basic area lighting. Fixtures create oval beams of light for illuminating stages, fashion shows, exhibits and dance floors. System plugs into 2 15 amp standard household outlets for power.

Package Includes:

 Qty.  Model # Description
8 3710  PAR56 Kits (Each kit includes 1 PAR56 Fixture with Gel Frame, 1 300W Medium Beam Lamp, 4 Color Filters, 1 Clamp and 1 Safety Cable) 
1 SS8 2 Scene, 8 Channel Console
2 DP415 4 x 600 Watt Dimmer Pack
8   GELS   Precut Color Filters
2   50180   25' Control Cables
2   9101A   Pipe Clamps for Dimmer Packs
TS Stage Lighting