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Items marked "Oversized Ships via Truck" DO NOT SHIP FREE & we will contact you with shipping rate.
Items marked "Oversized Ships via Truck" DO NOT SHIP FREE & we will contact you with shipping rate.

General Information

The ETCnomad Puck lighting controller is a full-featured minicomputer with an embedded ETCnomad lighting control key capable of running Eos and Element applications. It provides lighting control with conventional and moving lights, media servers and LED luminaires. The ETCnomad Puck lighting controller can be used in primary, backup, client and offline environments.

Optional fader wings, programming wings, X-keys and compatibility with USB–MIDI panels allow extended and customizable control.


  • The base unit is 1,024 outputs. This can be upgraded to 6,144 outputs
  • The ETCnomad Puck lighting controller makes an ideal tech table RVI
  • Operates in stand-alone, primary, backup and client environments
  • When connected as a client, output capacity is determined by the system to which it is connected
  • Net3/ACN/sACN and Artnet Ethernet lighting protocols
  • DMX/RDM via ETC Gadget or Gadget 2
  • DMX/RDM via Net3 DMX/RDM Gateways
  • One HDMI and one Mini Display Port (Mini Display Port to HDMI converter included)
  • Four USB ports
  • OSC Transmit/Receive

See Eos and Element datasheets and operation manuals for ETCnomad lighting control features


  • Eos Programming Wing
  • Eos Motorized Fader Wings (10 or 20)
  • Eos Standard Fader Wings (20 or 40)
  • ETCpad
  • aRFR/iRFR remote controls
  • Alphanumeric keyboard
  • USB mouse


Local DMX output may be distributed using an Gadget 2 USB to DMX/RDM converter. Up to four DMX outputs are supported. Additional or all outputs may be distributed via Ethernet protocols directly (Net3/ACN/sACN, or ArtNet) or by compatible Ethernet distribution hardware, such as Net3 DMX/RDM Gateways. The Gadget and network equipment must be purchased separately from the ETCnomad Puck lighting control kit.

Note: The ETCnomad Puck lighting controller does not support ETCNet2/EDMX protocol.

Note: Eos software 2.8.X or below unlocks the base dongle at 512 outputs. Eos software 2.9 or higher unlocks the base dongle to 1,024 outputs.

Note: ETCnomad Puck is also compatible with Cobalt.

Important Note: The original Puck (with three USB ports) can be upgraded to 2,048 outputs only. Use ETCnomad 1.5K Up to order an after-sale upgrade for this unit.

Ships With:

  • US power cord
  • Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter
  • VESA mounting bracket

ETCnomad lighting control software is available for download.

NOTE: The ETCnomad lighting controller does not support the ETCNet2/EDMX protocol.