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The W150 delivers a lot of light in a rugged, compact package. This fixture can be used for general flood lighting or as a work light, as well as lighting for galleries, museums, retail displays or exhibits where a lot of light is needed from a relatively small luminaire. Made of durable materials, the W150 uses a 150W metal halide lamp and offers the light output of a 600W quartz fixture using a fraction of the energy. The high color rendering and long life is an added bonus.

This fixture features a removable color frame holder with color frame and a multi-position yoke. Tempered safety glass included.

Product Features:

  • 120 and 277-volt available
  • Accepts 150-watt T6 metal halide lamps
  • Energy efficient
  • Long lamp life - 12,000hr
  • Operates in any position
  • Ultra wide beam angle
  • Multi-position yoke
  • Tool-less relamping
  • Removable color frame holders
  • Glass safety shield


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