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8 channel, 1200 watts each dimmer

Dimmer Packs contain multiple dimmer circuits, and are used to control the intensity of lighting fixtures.

Use with compatible dimmer console for optimum results.

Modular Dimmer Packs provide easy front panel access for control & dimmer module replacement even while rack mounted - especially useful in permanent installations where complete pack removal is difficult or impossible. Each pack features a 16 character liquid crystal display & front panel keypad for intuitive access to features like backup presets, time fades, soft patch of DMX & Micro-plex control signals & module temperature data. Front panel LEDs provide status for dimmer control levels, active DMX512 signals, active Micro-plex signals and temperature conditions. Dimmer Boards required. See accessories.

Product Features:

  • 20 button function keypad
  • Liquid crystal display (backlit 16 character x 2 line)
  • 400 programmable time fade presets
  • Non-volatile EEPROM preset and softpatch storage
  • Valid DMX signal indicator
  • Valid NSI Micro-Plex signal indicator
  • Line power indicator LED’s
  • Individual dimmer load LED indicators
  • Temperature status LED
  • Front panel accessible DMX512 termination switch
  • 120V input power
  • 15V RMS preheat range
  • Adjustable level test switches can be set to bump or latch action
  • Over voltage and over temperature protection


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