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2 Scene, 16 Channel Dimming & Memory Console

A Control Console is a remotely located device that allows you to vary the intensity of lighting fixtures. Most consoles also enable you to store cues or scenes for playback at a later time.

3115 is a 16/32 channel console with 2 manual presets, 16 memory scene and micro-plex with DMX. It is simple and flexible with three operating modes. The console provides standard 2-scene preset operation, single scene (wide mode) operation for double the channel capacity, and memory scene operation. The 3115 is ideal for small theaters and stage performances. Dimmer packs are required (see accessories).

Product Features:

  • 16 Independent control channels
  • Complete manual two scene operation
  • Dual split dipless crossfaders
  • Configuration to single scene 32 channel controller
  • 16 Individual channel bump buttons
  • 16 user programmable memory scenes
  • 2 User programmable chase functions
  • Chase rate control (tap button)
  • Grand master control
  • Blackout control
  • Microplex with DMX
  • 16 5/8"W x 2 3/4"H x 9"D, 7 lbs


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