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Dimmer Packs contain multiple dimmer circuits, and are used to control the intensity of lighting fixtures.

The 6000 is a 4 x 1200 watt dimmer pack for use with any dimming console using Microplex protocol. The 6000 also has stand alone and crossfade programs.

For a DMX version of this dimmer, order the 6000DMX.

Use with compatible dimmer console for optimum results.

Product Features:

  • User jumper select for dimmer/relay operation
  • Internal jumpers activate 8 auto sequence control programs; sequence rate adjustable (1 sec. to 1 min.)
  • Softstart may be activated for increased lamp life
  • Individual channel function LEDs
  • 4 individual dimmer/relay channels
  • 1200 watts per channel, 1800 watts total capacity at one time
  • Dual standard AC output receptacles per channel
  • Single 15 amp power cable with 3 prong house plug
  • External fusing for each individual channel
Control Interface:
  • 128 channel micro-plex (standard 3 conductor audio cable)
  • Analog control (0-10 volts)


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