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We offer a selection of stage lighting packages that can enhance your next production or event. All packages include an easy-to-use dimming system that allows you to vary the intensity of the lights, change colors, flash, and even chase the light beams. All packages come complete with fixtures, lamps, clamps, color frames, color filters and dimming system. Choose the best system to meet your lighting requirements and budget.

Portable 6" Fresnel Lighting System - Projection Distance up to 30 feet

Package Includes:

 Qty.   Model #  Description
8 3053 6" Fresnels
8 BTL 500 Watt Quartz Lamps
8 9112 Safety Cables
8 9175 Gel Frames
2 9101A Pipe Clamps for Dimmer Packs
1 SS8 2 Scene, 8 Channel Memory Dimming Console
2 D4DMX-MD3 4 x 600 Watt Dimmer Packs
4   9125   Heavy Duty Clamps
1   GP10   Gel Pack with Ten, 9 3/4" x 9 3/4" Gel Sheets
2 50181 50' Control Cables
2   9028   Tripod Stands with T-Bars and Side Arms
TS Stage Lighting